People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.

- James Baldwin


We are officially in the Misinformation Age.

Trust will be one of the most important currencies in the foreseeable future and governments, political parties, organisations and public figures who can establish trust will be incredibly powerful.

Australia is in crisis. We have a political crisis, a democratic crisis and a leadership crisis. Without question, citizens are not being represented as the system intended and as a result the outcomes of our policies are becoming less and less democratic and more and more ideological and tribal.

Support for political parties continues to diminish at each election cycle, we find ourselves in a place where independents and minor parties are becoming the choice of a far greater number of Australians.

What this means in context is that the ideological stranglehold of the traditional left and right, is no longer serving the needs of the people and the ideologies themselves are no longer able to answer for all of the challenges that confront us.


Whether we deal with asylum seekers, or climate change whether we talk about wealth inequality, or the future of work, people are expecting more from our political leaders and traditional political offerings have proven to be woefully inadequate in solving complex problems that require looking towards a future beyond the next election cycle.

The system requires a different opportunity for constituents who do not know who deserves their precious vote. The opportunity before us is to recast the system, in a way unimaginable only a few decades ago, but obvious today and inevitable tomorrow.

The heroes of democracy 2,0 will be the champions of communities. They will be localized. Problem solving will be collaborative and policies will be well thought-out and fact based.

It is imperative that the system regains trust, and the only way to do that is to strengthen the transparency and accountability of the system so that people know that their voice is always heard and that the people hearing it will be accountable to it and removed from vested interests.

What is The Pledge?

The Pledge is a multi-phased yet basic approach to changing the playing field for the next Australian Federal election.


The Pledge begins with a crowd sourced set of positions that constituents identify as the critical commitments they expect of candidates regardless of party affiliation, policy positions or candidate personality.

The Pledge focuses on systemic improvements rather than policies. It is neither left nor right. It is designed to strengthen the quality of our democracy and looks to give all candidates; left, right, centrist, party backed or independent an equal opportunity to understand and then commit to the direction of the community.


After the community has created the final and official Pledge, our team will approach every identified candidate for the Federal election and offer them an opportunity to sign the peoples’ Pledge.

Each candidate will receive information about how The Pledge was created, what the people decided and how we will register their commitment (or otherwise).


Every Candidate will appear on The Pledge website as either having taken The Pledge or not. They will be searchable by their electorate and name.

The Pledge intends to run a major advertising campaign across the country to let people know that they can visit the website to see which candidates in their electorate have taken The Pledge and committed to listening to the people.

Our Values

Collaborative & Inclusive

Non Partisan & Fact Based

Deliberate & Measured

Courageous & Unapologetic

Why it Matters

People need to have something to vote for rather than vote against.

In the absence of political leadership capable of crafting a vision of what we could be, the people will themselves become the architects of their own salvation.

democracy is not left nor right. it is not blue, red or green. democracy is not old or young. democracy is neither rich nor poor. it is not urban nor rural. democracy is not white, black or brown. democracy is not gay nor straight. it is not male, female or trans.

democracy is all of those things and more. it is for everyone, equally, all the time…
and it is for this reason that it must be cherished and protected.

What Victory Looks Like

1 million contributors who collectively make and shape the pledge

A Pledge featuring systemic enhancements with majority support for each

50+ registered candidates who have signed The Pledge – ideally these candidates would come from all major parties, include independents and new minor parties

20 candidates who have signed The Pledge are elected to either house of Parliament

A roadmap for peaceful revolution.

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